Does Dropshipping Really Work?

//Does Dropshipping Really Work?

Does Dropshipping Really Work?

We see it everywhere don’t we? That’s why for the next two week ill be testing it for myself. It took me a while actually and I regret it but better late than sorry right?

How am I doing it?

I started a store and took on a 14 day free trial at Shopify and using the Oberlo App.

I am doing a general dropshipping store and focusing on four winning products that have the following characteristics:

– High margins(Can sell at least 4 times its price with at least $10.00 margin for advertising)
-Can go viral and material available(keeping the dropshipping mentality I need to keep things simple so Ill recycle marketing material for this exercise and go with products that can go viral(how do I know they can go viral? Simply gut feeling.).
-Can be categorized under impulse purchases(products are less than $50.00 after taking my margins this way I can know my conversion window will be short and I can know instantly if it’ll work out.
-Small & lightweight non electronic: Again for the sake of keeping things simple we need easy to ship products and to keep possible warranty problems at a minimum and best way to avoid that I would say is avoid clothing and electronics.

Advertising: I will advertise via Facebook Ads only for the time being as my goal is to test how plausible it is to get a winning product via pure impulse purchase without people knowing what they want. This is why Google Adwords is out of the way because people need to know what they are looking for and be more educated buyers.

What products will I choose then and how will I advertise?

I will publish my selected products next week along with my first week advertising results. To be notified when the next post becomes available just drop your email below.

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